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"Knowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference”

School is a platform, where the students prepare themselves to face the world, and St. John’s Academy Mahua has endeavored to groom the children in such a way that they can face the complex situations and challenges of life with confidence. We provide a plethora of activities for the all-round development of our young learners and have these to channelize towards creativity and self-actualization.

Our aim is to help children develop the potential of our future citizens. A tremendous amount of care and nurturing goes into physical, mental, cognitive, emotional and spiritual development of a child. Modern and innovative teaching methodology steadily unfolds a child's true and inherent potential. The secret of entering the innocent mind of a child lies in the art of caring, giving and understanding the essence of purity that a child possesses.

we are committed to providing and maintaining the academic standards as well as co- curricular standards so that they remain an area of excellence. At St. John’s Academy Mahua , each and every child is able to discover their potential to the best of their ability in an atmosphere of love and encouragement.

We are proud to share that this is the kind of education that is being imparted at St. John’s Academy Mahua, undertaking the responsibility and commitment to produce successful, responsible and proud citizens as the future of our nation.

St. John's Academy, Mahua.